Beautiful Binder Printables to Organize Your Recipes And Home

Printables - How It Works


What Is A Printable?

A printable is a digital file that you download and print out (for your own personal use).

Instant digital downloads (planning printables etc) are available immediately after purchase, so they are quick and easy to start using straight away.

Personalised printables (like invitations) will have the custom details added and then be emailed to you within 2 working days.

Usage Agreement/Copyright

By purchasing (or downloading free) a printable file from Tumbleweed Press, you agree to our Usage Agreement. Please read this as it outlines all the terms of what you can and cannot do with our printables.

Printable Styles

Our printables are either “Fill-in” style or “Editable”. Please read through the product details to clarify which it currently is.

Fill-in style: This simply means you print the file on your printer and handwrite (fill-in) the details, planning etc.

Editable: With an editable file you can open it in Adobe Reader (free software available here) on a computer (not a tablet or mobile device) and type directly into the highlighted fields, then save and print copies of the file. This is useful for repetitive checklists, you’ll use over and over again.

What Is Editable?

If a printable is editable, this means that you can add your text (and images where applicable) to the highlighted text fields and image blocks. However, the design elements (motifs, colors, existing text, feature fonts etc) are locked and are not editable. You cannot change the actual design.

How To Order

  1. Visit my shop and find the perfect printable for you, add to cart and proceed to checkout.

  2. If you've purchased a personalised invitation, the details will be added and the file emailed to you within 2 working days.

  3. For purchases of all other digital downloads, you will see a confirmation page with a button to "Access Printables"

  4. Click this button to view your order page with all of your files to download.

  5. Simply click the file name and it will automatically download to your computer. When you download a file it will automatically be in your "Downloads" folder (unless you changed the default location or saved it to your desktop etc).

  6. You will also be sent a confirmation email of your purchase with a link to "View your order" which will take you back to the download page.

  7. If you purchase on a mobile or tablet, I recommend waiting until you are on a computer to download the files. You can always access them from the link that was emailed to you.

  8. Please note there is a limit of 3 downloads per file. So it’s important to save your printables to your computer for easy access later. Make a folder for Tumbleweed Press and keep all your printables together.

printable instructions


only open your printable in adobe reader

The full features of your PDF printable will only be available in Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is free and available here. Ensure you are working on a computer not a tablet or mobile device.


Using Your Printable 

Simply print out your PDF and handwrite in the details or laminate and use a dry erase (whiteboard) marker to use over again if applicable.

Edit Your Printable

If the PDF is editable, only edit it on a computer not a tablet or mobile device. When you view your PDF in Adobe Reader you will see highlighted blue fields. You can type directly into these fields to add text. These highlighted blocks will not print, only the text you add will. Only the highlighted fields are able to be changed. All other design elements and text are locked.

Save Your Printable

When you have added your text on any relevant pages. You can save the PDF as another name to keep those details for later or repeated use. If you do not save your printable all text you have added will be lost. I recommend saving your file after a few edits, closing it and reopening the new file to check all text has saved correctly before adding all of your text.

Change The Text

If you wish to change the properties of the text you type into the form fields, press Command E (mac) or Control E (PC). This will access the “Form Field Text Properties” panel where you can change the following:

Add A Photo

Some printable designs have the option to add a photo to a page. You can find detailed step-by-step information on how to add a photo to a printable in this article.

Correct Print Settings

For printables that have a design element that goes right to the edge of the page. If your printer has the option for borderless printing, select this option. If not, you will get a small white margin around the edge of the printable.


At our shop checkout you had the option to join my newsletter and be notified if a printable you have purchased is updated in the future. This may include correcting any errors, adding editable fields or a revised design. Some printables maybe completely revised and these may require an upgrade fee to the newer version. If you unchecked this box, and would like to join our newsletter, please click here to update your purchase details.

If you purchased your printable from my Etsy shop, please use this link to join my newsletter and update your purchase details.