How To Edit Text Using Adobe Reader

You're excited to started with fillable printables! Organise your recipes, plan meals or get that checklist created.

First, you’ll download your printable, open it, and (if fillable) add your text in Adobe Reader. If you’re happy with that, you can simply save the printable and print a copy.

Sometimes though you may want to edit the text you've added. Change the font, make the text larger, or alter the colour, it’s totally up to you.

There are lots of ways to edit your text and make the printable more unique for you. Let me show you how to edit your text in Adobe Reader and you’ll see how easy it is!

Step 1

Open the printable in Adobe Reader on a computer (not a tablet or mobile device), to access the full fillable features. Using the printables in other software (like Preview on a Mac) will not have the full functionality.

Step 2

Click in the fillable (blue highlighted) fields and type in your text. In this recipe template, I’ve added all the ingredients and directions to make Grandma’s Apple Shortcake.

Step 3

Press Command E (Mac) or Control E (PC). This will bring up the ‘Form Fields Text Properties’ Now you can edit the text you have previously added. If the panel is named ‘Properties’, click in one of the blue form fields and it will change to the ‘Form Fields Text Properties’ and allow you to make changes.

Step 4

Select (highlight) the text you have added, that you wish to edit.

Step 5

Click the appropriate buttons in the ‘Form Fields Properties’ panel to edit your text. Here you can change the text size, style, font, alignment, and colour.

If you click ‘More’ you will have some other options like Indents and Spacing (see below).

Step 6

So try out a few options, see how it looks and personalise the printables to suit you. Remember to 'Save As' the PDF so you keep all the edits you have made.

And that’s it, you're done, well done!


My Text Isn't Changing?

Ensure you have selected the text first and then edit.

Can I Edit Other Parts Of The Design?

With our printables, you can only edit the text that you type into the fillable form fields (the blue boxes). You cannot edit elements of the design itself (colours, headers, layout, motifs, etc) as these are locked.


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