How To Add A Photo To A Printable

A common question I get asked is 'How do I add a photo to my printable?' so I've made some super easy step-by-step instructions, including screen shots to help explain each step.

Adding a photo or image to a printable will only apply to a Fillable PDF printable that includes image boxes. You can check the product listing which will state the style of a printable is either:

Fillable PDF: You can add your own text and/or images using Adobe Reader.

Non_Fillable PDF: This printable can be printed only and details handwritten in.

An example of a fillable printable that you'd wish to add a photo, would be a recipe page (from our Recipe Binder Kits) that includes space for a recipe photo.

Step 1

Open the PDF printable in Adobe Reader, this free software is the industry standard for reading and editing PDFs. Ensure you are working on a computer, not a tablet or mobile device.


Step 2

Move your cursor over the image box, you'll notice as you do this, that it changes to a 'hand'. This shows you that you can import an image here. If you don't see a hand, then you cannot add an image.

Sometimes (but not always) there may be an image icon or a placeholder image in an image box. An icon won't print, but a placeholder image will, so you need to swap it with your photo as per the next step.

Step 3

Click on the image box, this brings up the 'Select Image' pop-up. Click 'Browse' to find a photo on your computer that you wish to add to the printable.

Step 4

Once you have found your image, click 'Select' and your image will now appear inside the image box on the printable.

There you have it, you have now added a photo to the printable. Yay!

Be sure to 'Save As' a copy of the printable to keep all the edits you have made.


My Cursor Does Not Change To A Hand?

This printable may not be fillable or there is no image box on this PDF and therefore you cannot add a photo.

I Can't Select The Photo On My Computer?

You can only add JPG, PNG or PDF files to our printables. Re-save your photo as one of these formats and then import it again.

My Photo Does Not Fill The Image Box and It Has White Space Around It?

For the photo to completely fill the image box, it needs to be the same format as the box. For example, if the image box is square, you need to add a square image. If the image box is a horizontal rectangle, then you need to add a horizontal photo in the same proportions etc. Resize your photo in Photoshop or a free online service like PicMonkey to ensure that it is the correct format.

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