Chocolate Crackle Cookies

There’s a lot of recipes in my favourite cookbooks that I haven’t made yet. In an effort to add some new recipes to my recipe binder, I’m setting a goal to try a few new recipes each month. I’ll then add the winners to my recipe binder.

Follow along for the baking adventures!

One of my favourite go-to cookie cookbooks is ‘Martha Stewart’s Cookies’, there are so many great recipes in this book. The gallery on the contents pages are great for deciding what to make, without having to flick through the whole book.

I also love that every recipe has a photo of the finished result, so you can see what it looks like. I’m not a fan of cookbooks with limited or no photos. How do you know if you want to make a recipe without seeing it?

One I’ve wanted to try for a while is Chocolate Crackle Cookies. These look so pretty and what’s not to love about chocolate cookies!

These were pretty quick to make (other than the dough chilling time) and they were definitely a big hit with the kids!

This was definitely added to my recipe binder, shown below in the Kelly Recipe Page Template. These cookies would also make fabulous gifts at Christmas, as they have a slight festive air to them.


Chocolate Crackle Cookies Recipe Template
Chocolate Crackle Cookie Recipe: Martha Stewart
Recipe Binder Templates: Tumbleweed Press

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