Babysitter Notes Free Printable

Planning a night out? With a regular babysitter getting out the door can be a quick hi and goodbye and you're on your way. However, if the babysitter is someone new, you'll want to make sure they have all your information, just in case!

To make this process quick (and pretty) I've designed a free printable "Notes for the babysitter".

Everything your babysitter would need to know is included. Where you'll be, your phone numbers, the children's bedtimes and allergies. There's also space for any other details like pets, house rules, where to find the popcorn, access the wifi and Netflix etc.

One detail I have included is the address of your home. I can drive to all my friends' houses, but I might not know the 'actual' street address. If there was an emergency and my babysitter needed to call an Ambulance or the Fire Department, they would need to know our street address, so I like to have it written down.

So make reservations and call the sitter, it's time to have a date night!

Babysitter Notes Free Printable

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    • Mercie

      Please I am starting a babysitting Business and I am only 12 that’s really helpful thank you you are awesome

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