5 Tips To Make Guests Feel Welcome (With Free Wifi Printable)

Having friends and family stay with you is made a little easier if you get prepared and then everyone can relax. Here are 5 tips to make guests feel welcome in your home.

1. Wifi Access

Make guests feel at home by giving them access to your wifi. Display your network and password where they will easily see it. Print my free guest wifi printable and display in a photo frame - too easy! Get your copy at the end of this post.

Guest WiFi Printable

 2. Think Like A Hotel

While you may not be offering room service, it's all those little extras that make staying at a hotel so much fun. Giving guests fresh fluffy towels is a must, leaving mints on their pillow is totally optional :)

3. New Amenities

Replace all your half used bathroom amenities. Refill the hand soap, a new bar of soap, new toilet roll etc. No one wants to use half empty stuff. This tip comes straight from Oprah!

4. Everyday Items

Show guests where you store your drinking glasses, coffee, tea and sugar etc. Make it easy for them to help themselves to refreshments as needed. No one wants to be a burden on their host or constantly ask where stuff is, so let them be self-sufficient.

5. Entertainment

Sometimes you just want to vege out and watch some TV. So give guests a quick run down on how to work your entertainment system and setup guest access to your Netflix account. Leave a few board games, books or magazines around that they may like.

Having guests stay should be fun for all and doesn't need to stress you out. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below!

Free Guest Wifi Printable

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