2023 Oscar Ballot Free Printable for the Academy Awards

For the love of the movies, it's time for the 2023 Academy Awards! Here's my annual 2023 Oscar Ballot printable to see if you can guess the winners on the night!

Whether you're hosting an Oscars Party or watching at home, print a copy of this Free Printable for a friendly competition with family, friends and workmates. Have a fun prize for the person who guesses the most winners.

Good luck choosing this year’s Oscar winners!

Oscar Ballot 2023 Free Printable

Free Oscar Ballot 2023

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    • Gina

      Just printed these for an Oscar party tonight, they’re look great! They will make the perfect addition to the party. Thank you!

    • Rosa Lorusso

      I look forward to this every year to play against myself!!

    • Rosa Lorusso

      Thank You for sending me the Oscar Ballot sheet. I look forward to playing and seeing how well I do guessing the winners!! Can’t wait.

    • Tumbleweed Press

      These Printable Ballots are great for an Oscar Party! Simply click the link above to enter your email and get a copy of the Oscar Ballot Printable. Enjoy :)

    • Meg LaRose

      I am having a Oscar party and would love to have these

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