Recipe Binder Kit FAQ Answered

Getting your recipes off note paper, photocopies and torn magazine pages and organised into a folder, is a system many of us want to have. So you can find exactly the right recipe, when you want it.

The Printable Recipe Binder Kit (Taylor design pictured) does exactly this and is a popular product in my store. While I put as much information as possible in the shop description, it's hard to include everything. Today I'm going to answer three common questions I get asked about this printable which you might have too.

What Sections Are Included With The Kit?

[Update] There are now 80 section pages included in the kit (the previous version had 46). There are too many to list on the shop page so here is a selection for you to read through.

If (once you have purchased this Recipe Binder Kit) there is a section that you wish was included, send me an email and I'll create it for you complimentary.


Is There A Recipe Page Design For Small Recipes (Or Longer Recipes)?

Why, yes there is! The page design for smaller recipes, includes 2 recipes on a page with just the basics for those quick and simple recipes we all have.

The single recipe page designs all include a back page, with space to include extra directions for those longer recipes with lots of notes.


What Exactly Can I Edit?

Purchasing an editable printable can be a little confusing and since designers may create their printables differently, it's important to do your research so you're aware of exactly what is editable, in the printable you're getting.

Printables from Tumbleweed Press are created so that you can add text and images (as applicable) to the exisiting design in Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software). However, You can not edit my printables in other programmes like InDesign or Photoshop.

The text that you add (type into the printable), you can edit to change the font, colour, size etc.

However, the elements that make up the design (all motifs, colours, header fonts etc) are locked and can not be changed.

Recipe Binder Printable Kit FAQ Answered by TumbleweedPress.Co

Here's an example of where you can add your text to the cover and section pages of the Recipe Binder Kit (Taylor design):


Editing Recipe Pages

In this Recipe Binder Kit, there are 2 versions of every recipe page. The lined pages are semi-editable, while the unlined pages are fully editable. These have been saved into separate folders in the latest version of the kit to make it clearer.

Lined recipe pages

You can only add (type in) the recipe title, serving size, time and photo if applicable. These are designed for you to print out and handwrite in the actual recipe using the added lines.

Unlined recipe pages

You can add all the details as above and also the ingredients, directions and any notes.

All other design elements are locked and can not be edited (eg: the motif at the top of the page, the header (Recipe), the other text (Ingredients, Directions etc) and the colours of these elements.


[Update: The Recipe page as shown above is from a previous version of the Recipe Binder Kit. It has been slightly updated with the latest version, please see the details in the store]


Hopefully these have answered a question you had about this Recipe Binder Kit. For more FAQ about printables and how to edit the text you add to a printable (eg: change the font, style, colour etc) read Printables - How it Works.

Have a question about this printable? Comment below and I'd love to help you out!