Printable Meal Planner & Grocery List

My daughter recently told us she preferred home cooked meals rather than take out food! Uh oh, guilty parent moment... This was the kick start we needed to get more organised and plan family dinners. With our busy schedule, we've found eating (good) home cooked meals each night can be a challenge. Especially with so many after-school activities that are just before (or on) dinnertime. After a few weeks, taking the time to plan out our weekly meals on a Meal Planner, has made all the difference. Why didn't we start this sooner?!

We include the kids in choosing the menu for the week, so they get to add in their favourites! No more "what are we having for dinner?" everyone simply checks the list and can see what we're having.

Our first Meal Planner was simply having the meals up on a whiteboard, but that wasn't quite pretty enough for me! This Meal Planner Printable and Grocery List is my updated version and has helped us to get organised at dinnertime. Plan your meals and write any notes you need; like activities for that day or which cookbook has the recipe for that meal.

The Meal Planner and Grocery List is an instant download, so you can get started on meal planning right now. It's available in the store now, simply add to cart, download and print out, it's too easy!

So you have everything you need to actually cook the meals you've planned, a Grocery List is included too. There are 2 versions, one has a similar number of items per section (of the supermarket), while the other version has more weighting on produce and pantry. As I found that's what we needed more of on the list.

If you’re looking to get organised with meal planning too, go check out the Meal Planner and Grocery List Printable in the store now.

[UPDATE] This product is also available in a Meal Planning SET that includes 6 more printables: 2 Weekly Meal Planner designs, 2 Monthly Meal Planners and 2 Favourite Meals designs.


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