How To Write A Thank You Note

Free Printable Thank You Card by TumbleweedPress.Co

This month I'll be writing lots of Thank you notes to family and friends. Why you may ask?

Well, the other weekend a dear friend of mine hosted an amazing Baby Shower in my honour. It was such a fun afternoon with a wonderful group of friends. Lots of laughs and bubbles (or mocktails for me anyway!)

Yes, we're expecting Baby No. 3! We're beyond thrilled, as it's been a looong journey to this point. I'm now, however, on the final stretch, and time is ticking down... So much to do, lots of lists to write, I'm loving it :)

Free Printable Thank You Card by TumbleweedPress.Co

After receiving a gift, hospitality or other kindness, you should send a thank you note and express your gratitude. It does not need to be lengthy, it just needs to be sent and a handwritten note is always best. So I'm sharing some quick and easy steps to help you write the perfect thank you note.

The basic rule is to send a Thank you note as soon as possible, but within a month is generally accepted. Any longer than that and you'll end up starting your note apologising for taking so long, which is never a great way to start.


Step One: The Greeting

Check your spelling and ensure that everyone's name is correct and the right formality for the occasion.

  • Dear Aunty June

  • Dear Sally and John

  • Dear Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson

Step Two: The Sentiment

Thank the person for their gift, hospitality, generosity or other kindness.

  • Thank you for your thoughtfulness...

  • Daniel and I want to thank you for...

  • Thank you so much for the book for my birthday.

  • We had an awesome time visiting Melbourne, thank you for your letting us stay with you.

  • Peter and I were so happy you could attend...

  • Thank you for the gorgeous baby shower gift.

Step Three: The Details

Be specific about the gift or gesture and how it made you feel, how you'll use it or what you are grateful for.

  • I appreciated {gesture} it really made my day.

  • I can't wait to read {name of the book}, {author} is one of my favourite Authors!

  • We look forward to using the {gift} at our next dinner party.

  • This will go towards the {relevant item} that I've been excited to get. {cash}

  • The baby shower was amazing, you truly outdid yourself! I loved how you {specific detail}.

Free Printable Thank You Card by TumbleweedPress.Co

Step Four: Looking Forward

Mention the next time you'll see them, return the favour etc.

  • Can't wait to catch up soon.

  • We're looking forward to hosting you in August.

  • I'm excited to see you again during the holidays.

Step Five: The Closing

Choose the appropriate closing for the relationship you have with the recipient of your note

  • Always,

  • Love,

  • Much love,

  • Regards,

  • With affection,

  • Sincerely,

And you're done! Keep it simple and to the point when writing a thank you note and just get it sent. If you found these tips helpful, be sure to let me know in the comments.

Free Printable Thank You Card by TumbleweedPress.Co

Free Printable Thank You Card

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