How To Host An Easy Easter Egg Hunt (For 30+ Families)

How to host an Easy Easter Egg Hunt for families from TumbleweedPress.Co

Easter is my second favourite holiday (after Christmas). Who doesn't love a 4-day weekend and chocolate?!

For the last few years we have hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for friends and family. In typical style, this is not a small affair, with around 60+ children and their families attending. It started small with only 8 children and has grown every year since.

This is an outdoor event and our property is well suited as we have quite a lot of lavender (perfect for hiding eggs!) While not everyone may be able to host this number of guests, a local park or other venue can work too.

We have a huge bouncy castle set up for the kids to play on and families bring picnic blankets or chairs to spread out over the lawn. Everyone brings a plate, for a shared brunch after the egg hunt and it's lots of fun.


5 Tips For Hosting An Easy Easter Egg Hunt For A Large Group

1. Buy Eggs In Bulk And Keep It Simple

Our Easter Bunny only brings  small solid chocolate eggs and chocolate hollow hunting eggs to our hunt. Since it can be damp on the ground in the early morning (when the Easter Bunny is out and about) it's best to stay away from marshmallow and candy options. This keeps it simple and helps you buy these eggs in bulk.


We also supply the egg hunting bags for the children, to make it fair for all ages. Older kids are naturally going to be quicker and faster than toddlers. So once they fill their bag, they can help the smaller children.


2. Let Everyone Bring A Plate Of Food

The pressure is off if you're not doing everything yourself. There's already enough to organise without doing all the cooking too. Brunch is an easy option for everyone to bring something. There's so many options for food to bake or assemble. Even with 30+ families at our Easter Egg Hunt, there's rarely duplicate food brought.

3. Be As Clear As Possible For Guests

Let's face it, children are up early on Sunday morning, so you can't make them wait too long for the main event. So if you're up front with guests as to the timetable, hopefully they'll be no latecomers.

With an event of our size, we have a definitive start time. So the invitation states that guests can arrive from 9.30am, and the Egg Hunt is AT 10am. This lets everyone know that they need to arrive before 10am. 

Add all your event details to your favourite design in our new range of Printable Easter Invitations, available in the shop now.


4. Drink Stations For Adults And Children

We have a table set up for hot drinks for the adults (tea, coffee etc). As this has a large urn of hot water, we keep it away from the children.

Remember to include everything guests need: teabags, coffee, sugar, milk, plastic spoons, drink stirrers, a rubbish bin for teabags and sugar sachets etc.

The children have another table with self-serve water and juice. Stacks of paper/plastic cups and a marker pen to write their names on their cups and they're good to go!

5. Have Several Rubbish Bins Around

Once the children have found all the eggs, they waste no time in ripping them open and getting to the chocolate.

To avoid scraps of foil all over the lawn, have several rubbish bins strategically placed. These are also great after brunch for all the paper plates and cups etc. Guests want to help tidy up, so make it easy for them to do so. Makes clean up a breeze!

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