A Birthday App To Remember Kid's Birthdays

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Keeping track of birthdays can be challenging, especially when it comes to remembering the birthdays of all the kids we know. I've tried adding them to my calendar (too cluttered). I've designed pretty perpetual lists (they always need updated and reprinted). After much searching I finally found the perfect birthday app and I'm sure you'll love it too.

My Favourite Birthday App = Birthday Board

This Birthday App is clean, simple and easy to set up. It's not cluttered with lots of random details, that so many other apps seem to include (celebrity birthdays anyone!?!) This is what I use to stay organised and to keep on top of everyone's birthdays and I love it!

There are different shapes, for example I use the rounded triangle shape for birthdays and squares for anniversaries. As it gets closer to a birthday or anniversary it will alert you 14 days out, that there's an upcoming event and will notify you on the day as well. It doesn't actually tell you who's birthday it is that day, which would be nice addition.

I like that the app is horizontal and each month's list is vertical. So it's easy to scroll across and see how many birthdays each month has. The next upcoming birthdays appear white and you can click on someone and see their age so you don't miss any milestones.

Birthday Board is available free in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Or the Pro version is $2.99 (NZD) which gives you more visual options.

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How do you keep track of birthdays? I'd love to know in the comments.