Beautiful Binder Printables to Organize Your Recipes And Home

Beautiful Binder Printables

I'm going to help you get organized, simplify your days and elevate your life.

Love is in the details, and I LOVE the details!


if only life was like the movies...

The perfect house, the stylish clothes, the career, the handsome husband and amazing kids.

Instead your home has chaos, endless laundry, legos everywhere, a dog, a cat, swimming lessons, meals to cook and birthday parties to plan. At least you do have the handsome husband and amazing kids :)

It may not be the house in the movies, it's a HOME instead, it's real life and it's better!

There is however, no reason you can't get organised, all while having a whole lot of fun, laughter and celebrating. It's all in the details and oh, how I love the details (and systems, I'm quite partial to systems too).

I'm Clazena and I create designer printables for women who are totally over the chaos. I give you the tools to simplify your life and celebrate your kids, while making it feel like a hot cocoa and fuzzy slippers in front of a fire on a winters night, while it's snowing. You get the picture :)

So grab a cuppa, get comfy and let's do this!

Curious about me

  • My name Clazena is unusual, it’s pronounced Cla-zee-na. There’s no story behind it sorry, my parents just liked it!

  • I married my college boyfriend, we have 3 young children and live in New Zealand.

  • I have a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) which is a long way of saying I studied Graphic Design and have cool letters after my name (B.Des (Vis.Com)).

  • On a whim I bought my first antique printing press, (because who wouldn't want their own printing press?!) After falling in love with letterpress, I added 8 more presses and created luxury letterpress wedding stationery for customers worldwide.

  • Organiser, planner, details person, I'm a complete type A. I love hosting my kids' birthday parties and organising events for family and friends, like 60+ families to an Easter Egg Hunt or renting a private theatre for a mama's movie night out.

  • Talking about movies, I love them! Watching a blockbuster movie with a bucket of popcorn, I'm in heaven!


Formal Bio - Tumbleweed Press

Tumbleweed Press has created luxury letterpress wedding invitations and stationery for discerning couples worldwide, including New Zealand, Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Dubai and Finland since 2003. The new collection of designer printables is helping modern women to get organised, simplify their life and celebrate their kids.

Their stationery has been featured in Real Weddings, Bride to Be, NZ Weddings, Your Home & Garden, KiaOra, Little One magazine and online at,,,

Connect with Tumbleweed Press at their website, on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

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